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Enterprise Single Sign-On 9.0.2 - Enterprise Access Management Customization Guide


Organizing the Content of the files

The window definition files are normal HTML files that contain the information Enterprise SSO needs to display each window.

Enterprise SSO identifies HTML elements in the document using pre-defined values of the HTML id attribute and exchanges data with the user through these elements. For each window type, certain elements must be defined while others are optional.

The files also specify the window size and title. Windows are not resizable by the user and do not have scroll bars.

For full details of these requirements, see the example window definition files which can be found in the Enterprise SSO installation directory. These define windows for a fictitious application called Example.


Customizing the Windows


The following examples illustrate the customization of SSO Windows.


If the customization feature is not already activated, activate it as explained in Activating the Customization.


If a collection window is customized, then the parameters are taken into account in a second collection window displayed after the first one.


Removing the "Confirm password" Field from the "New account" Window


The SSO dialog window customization feature supports the presence and the absence of a Confirm password field.

If the field is present, Enterprise SSO checks that the user has typed the same value into the Password and Confirm password fields when validating the new account data. If it is absent, the user only has to type the password once but there is a higher chance of typing the wrong password.

  1. In the Enterprise SSO installation directory, make a copy of the Example-NewAccount.html file and name the new file NewAccount.html.
  2. Open the new file with a text or HTML editor.
  3. Find and delete the following HTML elements with the:
  • sso-pass-confirm id.
  • Confirm password text.
  1. Save the modified file.

If there are no other new account window definition files for individual applications, all new account interactions now use the new window definition file that has no Confirm password field.



Informing Users of Password Constraints in the "Change Password"
Window for the "Ticket Reservation Manager" Application


This informs users of Ticket Reservation Manager that passwords must contain at least three numeric characters.

  1. In the Enterprise SSO installation directory, make a copy of the Example-ChangePassword.html file and name the new file Ticket Reservation Manager-ChangePassword.html.
  2. Open the new file with a text or HTML editor.
  3. Find the div element containing the sso-app-name element.
  4. After this element, insert a new div or p element containing the following text: The password must contain at least three numeric characters.
  5. Find the CSS style rule that specifies the height property for the body element and increase the height value to accommodate the new text.
  6. Save the modified file.

This new window definition is now used when the user changes the password for Ticket Reservation Manager.


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