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Enterprise Single Sign-On 9.0.2 - Enterprise Access Management Portal Users Guide


Managing self enrollment

Managing your primary account


You can create your user account, or "primary" account, directly in the corporate directory. This will allow you to authenticate with your password or mobile device.

  1. Enter the EAM portal URL in your Web browser, such as:

The EAM portal page opens.

  1. Click User Self Registration.

The User Self Registration page opens.

  1. Complete the fields of the form and click Submit.

IMPORTANT: The following fields are mandatory:

  • Login name: select a login name easy to remember (example: jsmith), indeed you will need this login name to authenticate to open your session.
  • Email address: enter the email address known by your company (example:


  • Select the Please send Confirmation Code via SMS check box if you want to receive the code by email and SMS.
  • If a Captcha check is required, reproduce the Captcha code in the corresponding field.
  • A confirmation code is sent to you by email and SMS if you have requested it.
  • The confirmation page opens.

  1. Enter the confirmation code in the corresponding field.
  2. Choose your password and confirm it.

NOTE: Depending on the portal configuration, password selection tips can be displayed:

  • The Rules button helps you with the password format control policy.
  • An indicator informs you about the compliance and strength of your password.


  1. Click the Submit button.

If your code and your password are valid, your primary account is created.



Enrolling your mobile devices


You can enroll a mobile device through the Authentication Manager icon (see QRentry User’s Guide) or by using the EAM portal as detailed in the following procedure.

Before starting

The QRentry application is installed on your mobile device. For more information, see QRentry User’s Guide.

  1. Enter the EAM portal URL in your Web browser, such as:

The EAM portal page opens.

  1. Click Mobile Device enrollment.

The Authentication page opens.

  1. Select your domain in the drop down list, enter your Username and Password in the corresponding fields and click Sign in.

The QRentry Enrollment page opens.

  1. Enter a name for your mobile device and click Enroll.

The page containing the QR codes to scan opens.

  1. From your mobile device, start the QRentry application.
  2. Tap Scan and scan the first QR code on the left with your mobile device.
  3. Scan the QR code on the right.

An enrollment code appears on your mobile device.

  1. Enter the code displayed on your mobile device.
  2. Click Set.

Your mobile device is enrolled.


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