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Enterprise Single Sign-On 9.0.2 - QRentry Users Guide

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Enabling access to Web applications

Enabling access to Web applications

The following schema shows the main steps to enable Web application access with QRentry.

The EAM administrator allows a set of users to access applications with their mobile device without entering any password. He then creates an application for QRentry. Once the permission is effective and the application created, these users can now use their mobile device to access Web applications.

Allowing users to access applications

Allowing users to access applications


This section is intended to EAM administrators. It explains how to configure a User Security profile to allow users to use QRentry for application access.

Before starting
  • You have the following administration role:
    • In classic administration mode: Security object administrator.
    • In advanced administration mode, your role must contain the following rights:
      • User Security Profile: creation/modification.
      • Mobile devices: Display mobile details.
      • Mobile devices: Mobile devices: Management.


  1. In the EAM console, select the Security Profile of the users for whom you want to allow the use of QRentry for Web application access.
  2. Click the Mobile Device tab.
  3. Select and complete the Enterprise SSO tabbed panel (detailed description) as described in the sub-section hereunder and click Apply.


Enterprise SSO tabbed panel (detailed description)



Allow use of SSO on the mobile device

This check box authorizes the users associated with this security profile to use Enterprise SSO on their mobile device.

Required protection level

Protection method of Enterprise SSO with the user’s mobile device:

  • None: everybody can use Enterprise SSO.
  • Requires a dedicated secret: the user must assign a PIN to QRentry and then enter it to use Enterprise SSO.
  • Biometrics: the user must authenticate with his fingerprints (enrolled in his mobile device beforehand) to use Enterprise SSO. If the biometric authentication does not work, he will have to enter a PIN (at first request, the user will have to assign a PIN to QRentry).


Offline mode is allowed for x days

Enterprise SSO works without the network. However, for security reasons, you can force the device to connect to the network at least once every x days by selecting this check box. If no connection is established during that period of time, Enterprise SSO data is deleted.


NOTE: If you enter 0, Enterprise SSO will try to connect each time you perform SSO with your mobile device.

Managing Web applications

Managing Web applications


Users can access Web applications with their mobile device through QRentry with the embedded Web browser. They can also reveal the application passwords.

NOTE: QRentry displays one tile per application. If several accounts (including shared and delegated accounts) are available for one application, then QRentry displays one tile per account for one application.

Configuring an application for QRentry

Configuring an application for QRentry


To configure an application for QRentry, you have to configure the EAM Console (see From the EAM Console) and ESSO Enterprise Studio (see From ESSO Enterprise Studio).

NOTE: Applications of provisioned accounts are automatically configured to be displayed in QRentry.


You can configure applications only for Internet Explorer.

Before starting

You have created an application on Internet Explorer with a corresponding window. For more information, refer to Enterprise SSO Administrator's Guide.


From the EAM Console

  1. To allow access to an application for QRentry:
    1. Select an application.
    2. In the User Access tab, select the This access is for mobile devices check box.
    3. Click Apply.

IMPORTANT: If you want to manage the SSO of an application on mobile devices and on computers separately, you must create two applications that share the same account base.

  1. To add a logo to an application:
    1. Select an application.
    2. In the Information tab, click Set logo.
    3. Browse and select a logo.

    IMPORTANT: The logo must be <30ko and in PNG format.

    1. Click Apply.

NOTE: To remove an application from QRentry, just disable the SSO for this application.


From ESSO Enterprise Studio


  1. Right-click an application and select Properties.
  2. Select the Launcher tab.
  3. In the Target (file or URL) field, enter the URL of the Web application and click OK.

IMPORTANT: Indeed, if you do not fill-in this field, the application will not start.


  1. If the authentication window is an HTTP authentication window, do the following, otherwise go to step 5.
    1. Right-click the application’s window and select Properties.
    2. Select the Options tab.
    3. In the Advanced options area, click Configure.
      • The Advanced SSO options window appears.
    4. Select the Enterprise SSO for mobile: this is a basic authentication dialog check box.
    5. Click OK.
  2. Click OK.


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