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Enterprise Single Sign-On 9.0.2 - QRentry Users Guide

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Enabling access to Store applications

Enabling access to Store applications (Android only)

The following schema shows the main steps to enable Store application access with QRentry.

The EAM administrator allows a set of users to access applications (in this particular case, these are Store applications downloaded from the Play Store that require an authentication to access their services) with their mobile device without entering any password. He then creates an application for QRentry in ESSO Enterprise Studio and he configures EAM Console. Then, the user's mobile device must be configured:

  • The QRentry keyboard must be activated to replace the standard Android keyboard.
  • The Store application must be detected with the button of the QRentry keyboard.
  • The application name must be retrieved.
  • The application must be created and configured in ESSO Enterprise Studio.
  • The E-SSO configuration in QRentry must be updated.
  • The application must be launched through QRentry and the SSO is performed using the button of the QRentry keyboard.

Once the permission is effective, the application created and the device created, these users can now use their mobile device to access Store applications.

Allowing users to access applications_1

Allowing users to access applications

For more information on the authorizations, see Allowing users to access applications.

Managing Store applications

Managing Store applications


Users can access Store applications with their mobile device through QRentry, without entering any password, thanks to the button integrated in the keyboard.

NOTE: QRentry displays one tile per application. If several accounts (including shared and delegated accounts) are available for one applications, then just long-tap on the keyboard to display the different accounts in the applications.

Configuring a Store application for QRentry

Configuring a Store application for QRentry

Before starting

To access a Store application through QRentry, you must perform an additional configuration of your mobile device (see Configuring a Store application for QRentry) and ESSO Enterprise Studio (see From ESSO Enterprise Studio).


From your mobile device

  1. Configure the accessibility settings as follows:
    1. From the QRentry application installed on your mobile device, in the upper right corner of the screen, tap then tap Settings.

    The Interface Settings tabbed panel appears.

    1. Tap the Other Settings tab.
    2. Tap Go to accessibility settings.

    The accessibility settings of the mobile device appear.

    1. In the Services area, tap QRentry.

    2. Slide the QRentry toggle to activate it.

  1. Configure the input and language settings as follows:
    1. From the Settings menu of your mobile device, tap Language and input.
    2. In the Keyboards and input methods area, tap QRentry Keyboard.

    The corresponding check box is selected automatically.

    NOTE: Tap the settings icon next to the QRentry Keyboard to deactivate the system language used by default for the keyboard and select the keyboard language you want.

    1. In the same area, tap Default and select QRentry Keyboard.
  2. Select the keyboard as follows:
    1. From your mobile device, open an application requiring the keyboard display, such as the navigation bar of your browser.

    The keyboard appears.

    1. Slide the notification panel downwards and select Choose input method.
    2. Select the QRentry Keyboard.
  3. Retrieve the application name

      to detect as follows:

    NOTE: This name will be requested for the configuration of the application in ESSO Enterprise Studio (see From ESSO Enterprise Studio hereunder).

    1. From your mobile device, start the Store application that you want to enroll in QRentry.
    2. Navigate to the authentication form (login + password fields) and tap one of the fields to open the QRentry keyboard.
    3. Long-tap .

    A selection window appears.

    1. Tap Enroll the application.
    2. Write down the application name or copy it in the clipboard.

From ESSO Enterprise Studio
  1. Right-click the application that you have beforehand configured and select Properties.
  2. Select the QRentry keyboard tab.
  3. Enter the application name in the corresponding field.

    NOTE:You have retrieved the application name beforehand, as described in Configuring a Store application for QRentry > step 4 hereunder.

  1. Select the credentials validation method:
    1. Tap a specific validation button: QRentry fills-in the fields and activates the next field in the application (example: Next, Connection, Cancel etc.).
    2. Tap the Enter button: QRentry fills-in the fields and activates the Enter button of the keyboard.
    3. Do nothing: QRentry fills-in the fields, the user must validate.
  2. Click OK.
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