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Enterprise Single Sign-On 9.0.2 - Wearable Device Authentication Users Guide


Using the directory management module


For a selected user, the RFID tab contains his wearable device(s) and by selecting one, the following information is displayed:

  • The wearable devices enrolled for computer access.
  • The properties of each wearable device (RFID Identifier, State...).
  • You can also use this tab to lock or disable a user’s wearable device.
Window description

NOTE:To display the following tabbed panel, browse or search the tree structure of the Directory panel to the wanted user object and select it to display the RFID tab.



Table 1: RFID tab




Updates the list of displayed wearable devices.


Not applicable.


Locks or unlocks a wearable device.


Blacklists or deletes a wearable device form the configuration.

Reset PIN

Not applicable.


Managing wearable devices from the Authentication Manager tools


You can manage by yourself your wearable device(s) enrollment directly from your computer, using the Authentication Manager tools. A dedicated interface allows you to:

  • Enroll a new wearable device. This feature is detailed in Enrolling your Wearable Device.
  • Disable a wearable device.
  • Display information about your wearable devices.
Window description

NOTE: To display the following window, right-click the Authentication Manager icon located in the notification area and select Manage Wearable Devices.


Table 2: Manage wearable devices



Your enrolled wearable devices area

This area displays the wearable devices associated with this user.

Disable button

Disables the selected wearable device. The user can no longer use this device to log on.

Add button

Starts the enrollment for a new wearable device. For details, see Enrolling your Wearable Device.

Wearable device ID

Private key ID of the selected wearable device, used only for debugging purposes.


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