Use the System Entitlements task under the My Responsibilities menu to view the access permissions assigned to authorized Active Directory accounts and groups.

To view access permissions of authorized accounts and groups

  1. From the My Identity navigation pane, select My Responsibilities | System Entitlements.

    The System Entitlements page appears, listing the system roles for which you are responsible.

  2. Select the system entitlement you want to view.
  3. Click the Access tab.

    This displays all governed data with access to the account or group.

  4. Select the Show effective permissions option at the top of the page, then click the arrow to the left of a group to expand the list and view parent groups.

    Note: If more parent groups are shown, expand the view until either a folder or file is shown. This means you can also view access permissions for parent groups.

    A check mark is displayed in the Read and Write columns to show the access permissions currently assigned to the file or folder.

  5. Click the Details button next to a file or folder.

    The Access Control List appears showing the assigned permissions. Click Close to close the Access Control List.