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Identity Manager 8.1.4 - Administration Guide for Connecting to SAP R/3

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Fixed values for an SAP user account

Table 51: Configuration parameters for setting up user accounts
Configuration parameter Effect when set
TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts | Datfm Specifies the default date format for SAP user accounts.
TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts | Dcpfm Specifies the default decimal point format for SAP user accounts.
TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts | Fax_Group Specifies the default fax group for SAP user accounts.
TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts | Guiflag Specifies whether secure communication is permitted for SAP user accounts.
TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts | Spda Specifies default setting for printer parameter 3 (delete after print).
TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts | Spdb Specifies default setting for printer parameter 3 (print immediately).
TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts | Splg Specifies the default printer (print parameter 1).
TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts | Time_zone Specifies the default time zone value for the SAP user account’s address.
TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts | Tzone Specifies the default value for the time zone.

Enter the default values that are to be put into effect for the user account in Fixed values. This includes data such as the start menu, which should be shown after login, the default login language, personal time zone, decimal representation, or date format that the user is going to work with.

To specify default values for fixed values

  • In the Designer, set the configuration parameter values under "TargetSystem | SAPR3 | Accounts".

Measurement data

The license data for system measurement is shown in Measurement data. For more information, see Providing system measurement data.

SNC data for an SAP user account

Enter the data required for logging into the system over secure network communications (SNC) on the SNC tab.

Table 52: User account SNC data
Properties Description
SNC Name

User account's SNC name. You can find the syntax for SNC names in the SNC user manual.

Insecure communication allowed Specifies whether insecure communication is permitted for this user account.

Directly assigning SAP parameters

You can directly assign a user account parameter on the Parameter tab and specify its values. You can also see if a parameter is assigned directly, indirectly, or both ways.

To assign a parameter to a user account

  1. In the Manager, select the SAP R/3 | User accounts category.

  2. Select the user account in the result list and run the Change master data task.

  3. Select Parameter.

  4. Click Add.

    This inserts a new row in the table.

  5. Click to mark this row.

  6. Select a parameter from the Parameter menu and specify a parameter value.

  7. Save the changes.

To edit a parameter value

  1. Select the Parameter tab.
  2. Select the parameter whose value you want to edit, in the list.
  3. Change the parameter value.
  4. Save the changes.

To remove a parameter’s direct assignment

  1. Select the Parameter tab.
  2. Select the parameter you want to remove.
  3. If the parameter is only assigned directly, click remove.

    - OR -

    If the parameter is assigned both directly and indirectly, disable Direct assignment.

  4. Save the changes.
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