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Identity Manager 8.1.4 - Web Designer and Web Portal Changes

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VI.WebRuntime.dll API changes

The following public classes have been removed from the public API of VI.WebRuntime.dll.

  • The namespaces VI.WebRuntime.Data.History and VI.WebRuntime.Data.UiAction have been moved to the Composition API, and renamed to QBM.CompositionApi.History and QBM.CompositionApi.UiAction respectively.
  • The class VI.WebRuntime.WebControls.ReportControl has been removed. Any code that directly uses this class should use VI.WebRuntime.WebControls.ReportMobileControl instead.
  • The class VI.WebRuntime.DbObjectSaveInfo has been removed. It was only intended for internal use.

Changes to standard Web Portal components

Removed components

Component name



Not used anymore.


Not used anymore.

Changed components

VI_Employee_Edit and VI_Employee_PreEdit

The component VI_Employee_Edit is now used for creation of new employees only. If a UID_Person parameter of an existing person is passed to this component, the component will redirect to VI_Common_ObjectSheet_Person.

Any extensions to VI_Employee_Edit that should affect existing employee records must be moved/copied to VI_Employee_EditMasterData or VI_Common_ObjectSheet_Person.

The component VI_Employee_PreEdit is only called for new Person objects.


A new parameter isRequest has been added to distinguish between IT Shop and attestation inquiries. Add this parameter to any custom usages of this module.

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