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Identity Manager 8.1 - Configuration Guide

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Configuring the One Identity Manager schema

The SPML web service supports the entire One Identity Manager schema. It is necessary to define the objects and properties to be managed as well as the relations in the One Identity Manager schema in order to manage objects and their relations using the SPML web service. The SPML web service cannot be used until the objects and properties as well as references have been defined in the One Identity Manager schema as being managed with SPML. After the definition has been made, two schema files are created that are needed for validation by the SPML web service. The files should be exchanged in the appropriate SPML web service directory.

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Preparing the One Identity Manager schema for export to the SPML schema

For administration of objects with individual properties and of relations between different object types with SPML web service, label the corresponding tables, columns, and table relations of the One Identity Manager schema to be exported to the SPML schema.

To manage objects and their properties with the SPML web service

  1. In Designer, select One Identity Manager schema.
  2. Select the table and start the Schema Editor with Show table definition.
  3. On the Table tab, enable Export for SPML schema.
  4. Select the column in Schema Editor.
  5. On the Miscellaneoustab, enable Export for SPML schema.

NOTE: If references between different One Identity Manager schema object types should be managed with the SPML Web Service, both objects effected have to be marked with the SPML administration option that means both tables have to be labeled with Export for SPML schema.

References between object types are mapped by foreign key relations and many-to-many assignments in the One Identity Manager.

  • It is sufficient to mark the corresponding column in the One Identity Manager schema with the Export for SPML schema option in order to manage foreign key relations with SPML.

    NOTE: Note that only one foreign key relation can be managed between two object types using SPML. Thus the business role manager (Org.UID_PersonHead) can be maintained with SPML, but not at the same time as the deputy manager (Org.UID_PersonHeadSecond).

  • For the configuration of many-to-many relations for use with SPML, select the respective many-to-many tables and label the table relation with the option Export for SPML schema.
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Creating the schema files

Once you have labeled all tables, columns and table relations that should be managed using SPML, you need to create the necessary schema file for SPML web service.


  • Before exporting, ensure that you have committed all the changes in the Designer in the main database and that all open calculation tasks for the DBQueue Processor have been processed.
  • If you change other SPML-relevant settings on the One Identity Manager schema at a later date, you must recreate the schema file.

To create a schema file

  1. In Designer, start the Schema Editor in the One Identity Manager Schema.
  2. Select Schema | Export SPML schema information.
  3. Confirm the security prompt with OK.
  4. In the Browse for folder dialog, enter the directory where the schema files will be created.
  5. Click OK.

    This starts the export. The export can take some time depending on the number of changes.

  6. Click OK.

Place the schema files QOIM_Schema.xsd and QOIM_SpmlTargetSchema.xsd in the SPML web service directory. Enter the storage location for the schema files in the SPML web service configuration file. The files are saved by default to the Schemas directory in the installation directory.

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Testing SPML web service functionality

A simple test front-end is supplied in order to test the basic functionality of SPML web service. Prerequisite for using the test front-end is that SPML web service is correctly installed and configured. Use a browser to check whether SPML web service is functioning and correctly installed.

The SPML web service can be reached over a browser under:

http://<server>/<application name>

https://<server>/<application name>

TIP: You can open the web server's status display in Job Queue Info. In Job Queue Info, select View | Server state in the menu and, on the Web servers tab, open the web server status display from the Open in browser context menu.

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