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Identity Manager 8.2 - Web Portal User Guide

General tips and getting started Requests
Requesting products Saved for Later list Pending requests Displaying request history Canceling requests Renewing products with limit validity periods Unsubscribing products Displaying approvals Undoing approvals
Attestation Responsibilities Setting up and configuring request functions Appendix: Attestation conditions and approval policies from attestation procedures

Menu bar

The menu bar is displayed horizontally in the upper part of the screen and provides different menus and submenus.

Menus are structured by topic. Each menu corresponds to a topic and holds further menu items that are respective subtopics.

To open a menu

  1. Click a menu in the menu bar.

    This expands the menu and shows more menu items.

  2. Click a menu item.


Requests account for the core functionality of the Web Portal. For example, if you require access to a system or device, request it as though you were using a traditional web shop.

NOTE: You can request a variety of products depending on the entitlements assigned to you.

You can apply the following requests:

  • Groups (for example, Active Directory groups, Notes groups, LDAP groups, and more)

  • Membership in roles (for example, business roles, departments, application roles, applications, and more)

  • Access to file systems or SharePoint resources

  • Every other resource in your area

A predefined workflow is triggered when you make a request. Although the given workflow may be different, what generally applies is:

  • Your request is forwarded to an identity for approval (see Pending requests).

  • You are notified whether your request is granted or denied.

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Requesting products

A request process is triggered when you request a product. Whether you are authorized to request a product depends on your role and your permissions. Managers or other authorized users can make a request for other identities in their name.

You can complete a request in three steps:

  1. Add the desired product to your shopping cart (see Adding products to the shopping cart).

  2. Verify the shopping cart and amend the product requests as required (see Managing products in the shopping cart).

  3. Submit the request (see Submitting requests).

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Adding products to the shopping cart

To request products, first you must select them and add them to your shopping cart.

To add products to the shopping cart

  1. In the menu bar, click Requests > New request.

    This opens the New Request page and displays all the available products.

  2. (Optional) To filter which products are displayed, perform one of the following actions:

    • In the search field, enter the name of a product you want to look for.

    • Click Show products from service category and then select the service category containing the products you want to display.

    The relevant products are displayed.

    TIP: To change the service category you have selected, click (Delete filter) next to the selected service category and then select another service category using Show products from service category.

    If the service category contains a child category, select the child category you want from the Service items in the category menu.

    To summarize the main and child categories in a list, enable the Include child categories option.

  3. Perform one of the following tasks:

    TIP: If you select a product that has dependent products, a dialog opens that allows you to request these products as well.

    NOTE: If you select a product that requires additional information, a corresponding dialog opens.

    This opens the Shopping Cart page. Now, you can check the request and, if necessary, add to each product request (see Managing products in the shopping cart). Then send the request (see Submitting requests).

    Or you can continue working in the Web Portal to do things such as add more products.

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