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Identity Manager 9.0 LTS - Configuration Guide

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This plugin restarts One Identity Manager Service when less than a defined number of requests are made within a specified interval.

Table 119: RequestWatchDogPlugin parameters




Action to be run when there is a break in the queries. Permitted values are:

  • Restart (default): Messages are logged. This restarts the service.

  • Log: Messages are logged. The service is not restarted.

Monitoring interval Interval

Monitoring interval in seconds. The default value is 600.

Minimum number of requests (MinRequests)

Minimum number of requests that must be made within the specified interval. The default value is 2.


This plugin exports the One Identity Manager Service status values as performance counter. Monitoring through a system monitor is thus enabled. The list of currently available performance counters is displayed under http://<servername>:1880/PerfCounter.

Table 120: PerformanceCounterPlugin parameters



Value types to specify (CounterType)

Value types provided as performance counters Int and Long values are directly output, while TimeSpan values are output as Long values (numbe of milliseconds).

Polling interval (PollingInterval)

Interval (in seconds) at which the performance counters are exported


Category under which the performance counters of the One Identity Manager Service are displayed. This information is required if several One Identity Manager Services with this plugin are active on the server.

NOTE: If, after restarting the One Identity Manager Service, an error of the type At least one service could not be started occurs, enter the WMI Performance Adapter service as dependent on the One Identity Manager Service.


If this plugin is enabled, email notifications generated by the One Identity Manager Service are not sent but are kept in a drop folder. The file names contain the time stamp in this case. If a mail contains HTML text, a *.html file is saved with the same name as the descriptive *.txt file with the body. Email attachments are also saved in this way.


  • The plugin only works for processes run internally in the One Identity Manager Service.

  • If this plugin is enabled, no email notifications are sent through the One Identity Manager Service. This plugin is only used for localizing errors. It is not recommended to set this parameter in normal working conditions.

Enter the following parameter:

  • Drop folder (DropFolder)

    Directory for storing email notifications.


This plugin is required for solving Samba shares (smb.conf) under the Linux operating system. The plugin solves UNC paths to local paths. This plugin does not required any parameters.

NOTE: Install the plugin if the One Identity Manager Service runs copy actions between servers with Linux operating system.

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