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One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords 6.0.10 LTS - User Guide

Reviews (web client)

Select Reviews on the left of the page to manage reviews. On the Reviews page, you can:

  • View details: Select the request and the details display on the right of the page.
  • Mark one or more request as reviewed: Select the requests. Then, click Mark all the selected requests as reviewed. A comment may be required or, if not required, added.
  • Change the columns that display: Click Select columns to display then select the columns you want to see.
  • Search: For more information, see Search box.

Favorites (web client)

On your Home or My Requests page, you will see My Favorites (number of favorites). You can quickly make requests by creating a favorite of requests you make often, then just click the favorite.

You must be authorized to create requests for the assets and accounts you choose to include in a favorite. To change the look of the favorite tiles, click for large icons or for small icons.

Add a favorite

  1. To the right of My Favorite Requests, click New Favorite.
  2. On the Asset Selection page, select the assets to access. Use the following approaches to quickly find the assets you want:
    • Click Search to search the Asset, Network Address, or Platform. For more information, see Search box.
    • Once you've selected assets, the number of Assets selected displays in the lower left. You can toggle between Show only selected and Show all.
    • In the lower right, select the number of Items per page that display. Click the arrows to move through the pages.
  3. Click Next.
  4. On the Account & Access Type Selection page, select the account for the asset. If there are several accounts associated with an asset:
    1. Click the Select Account(s) link.
    2. Select the account(s) for that asset.
    3. Click OK.
    4. Continue to select accounts for each asset.
  5. Click Next to provide favorite details:
    1. Enter a Name for the favorite.
    2. Enter a Brief Description.
    3. Select the color of the favorite's tile.
  6. Click Add.

Use and manage a favorite

Once a favorite has been created, you can use and make changes to the favorite.

  1.  Click the menu on the right of the favorite and perform a task:
    • Click Submit Request to submit the request and launch the request workflow. Follow the workflow steps. For more information, see Requesting a password release.
    • Click Change Color to change the color of the favorite. This is useful to color code types of requests.
    • Click Remove to delete the favorite.

Settings, version, and desktop Windows client (web client)

You can control page displays, check the version, or download the Safeguard for Privileged Passwords Windows client.

  1. In the upper right corner, next to your user name, click then Application Settings to proceed. Or, from the Home page, click Dashboard settings.
  2. Select any of the following tabs, which are available based on your role and permissions.
    • General tab:
      • Pages: Toggle the pages which are available on or off. If your role changes, you can change the display in the future.
      • Homepage: Select the page you want to see first when you log on.
      • About: The Appliance Version displays.
      • Download Windows Client: Click to download the Windows desktop client.
    • Home tab, Home Page Widgets :
      • Message of the Day and My Request Favorites: Toggle selections or off.
      • Tile Set (Approvals, Reviews, and so on): Toggle selections or off. Then, select the statuses you want to display. For example, to view your available requests, you would set the Tile Set: My Requests on then select the Available check box. What you can set is based on your role and permissions.
    • Approvals tab (if available): On the Approvals Widgets page, control available widgets, if any.
    • Requests tab (if available): On the My Request Widgets page, toggle what you want to display on on or off.
    • Reviews tab (if available): On the Review Widgets page, control available widgets, if any.

Change password (web client)

You can change your password.

To change the password

  1. In the upper right corner, next to your user name, click .
  2. Click Change Password. The password requirements are listed.
  3. Enter your Current Password and the New Password as directed. (Click or to view or hide the password as it is entered.)
  4. Click Save to save your new password.
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