To upload or update a plugin, complete the following steps. Note that currently you cannot delete a plugin, only update it by uploading a new version.

  1. Open a transaction.

    For details, see Open a transaction.

  2. POST the plugin as a zip file (application/zip) to the https://<IP-address-of-SPS>/api/upload/plugins endpoint, for example:

    curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/zip" --cookie cookies https://<IP-address-of-SPS>/api/upload/plugins --data-binary @<>

    If the POST request is successful, the response includes the key of the new plugin, as well as information about the uploaded plugin. For example:

        "meta": {
            "href": "/api/configuration/plugins/aa/aa423b72-0d0f-4275-be30-494e9a99ffad",
            "parent": "/api/configuration/plugins/aa"
        "key": "aa423b72-0d0f-4275-be30-494e9a99ffad",
        "body": {
            "name": "Sample-Authentication-Plugin",
            "description": "My custom authentication plugin",
            "version": "1.12",
            "path": "/opt/scb/var/plugins/aa/Sample-Authentication-Plugin",
            "api": "1.0"
  3. Commit your changes.

    For details, see Commit a transaction.