The following describes how to establish a Remote Desktop (RDP) connection to a server when the AA plugin is configured.

To establish an RDP connection to a server when the AA plugin is configured

  1. Open your Remote Desktop client application.

  2. If you have to provide additional information to authenticate on the server, you must enter this information in your Remote Desktop client application in the User name field, before the regular content (for example, your username) of the field.

    If you can authenticate using an OTP or token, encode the OTP as part of the username. To encode additional data, you can use the following special characters:

    • % as a field separator

    • ~ as the equal sign

    • ^ as a colon (for example, to specify the port number or an IPv6 IP address)

    For example, use the following format:


    Replace YOUR-ONE-TIME-PASSWORD with your actual OTP. If needed, you can specify the type of OTP as a prefix to the OTP. For example, to specify the OTP of a YubiKey token: domain\otp~y_YOUR-ONE-TIME-PASSWORD%Administrator

    • Google Authenticator: g

    • inWebo Authenticator: o

    • Symantec token: s

    • YubiKey: y

    • RSA token: r

  3. Connect to the server.

    If you need to authenticate using the Starling Authenticator push notification, approve the connection in your mobile app.

  4. Authenticate on the server.

  5. If authentication is successful, you can access the server.