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One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions 6.7.2 - Release Notes

New features

New features in SPS version: 6.5:

Safeguard for Privileged Passwords (SPP) fetcher role

A new, experimental SPP fetcher role has been added to the Cluster management roles. It fetches the workflow from SPP. The fetched data can be viewed on the Search interface.


This is an EXPERIMENTAL feature. It is documented, but the performance impact on production systems has not been determined yet. Therefore this feature is not yet covered by support. However, you are welcome to try it (preferably in non-production systems) and if you have any feedback, send it to

Audit data access rules

You can now restrict users to access audit data only for sessions for which they are granted permission.

Renaming of the AAA menu and submenus

The following menu items have been renamed. Note that there is no functionality change.

Old name New name
AAA Users & Access Control
Group Management Local User Groups
Access Control Appliance Access
Permission Query Access Rights Report


Configuration History

Permissions settings for user groups under <Protocol name> Control > Connections > Access Control > Permission have also been renamed from Search&Authorize to Follow&Authorize and Search to Follow.

Trusted CA CRL handling

SPS now checks if the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) has expired and that the CRL has been signed by the same Certificate Authority (CA).

Mouse movement algorithm

The mouse-movement-based user authentication algorithm is able to tell whether a user is who they say they are based on their mouse movements.

RDP login screen enhancements

The RDP login screen now allows you to paste text-based clipboard contents. It also provides a warning if Caps Lock is on.

REST API improvements
  • You can now check the synchronization status of cluster nodes. The value of the sync_status field displays whether the configuration of the SPS cluster node is synchronized with the configuration of the Central-Management node. For more information, see "Query the status of all nodes in the cluster" in the REST API Reference Guide and "Query the status of one particular node" in the REST API Reference Guide.

    NOT FETCHED has been added as a new status to Basic Settings > Cluster management > Cluster management status.

  • For ICA, RDP and SSH protocols, the inactivity_timeout parameter has been added to the api/configuration/<protocol>/settings_policies endpoint.

    In addition to the REST API, the following has changed on the SPS UI:

    The User idle timeout option has been added to ICA, RDP, SSH, Telnet and VNC Control > Settings. If no user activity is detected, it terminates the session after the configured time has passed since the last user activity.

  • You can now generate reports for a custom time period on the api/configuration/reporting/reports endpoint.

  • The list of Telnet pattern sets that help to extract the username from Telnet connections is now available in REST API. The api/configuration/telnet/pattern_sets endpoint has been added.

  • The mouse algorithm has been added to the /api/configuration/policies/analytics endpoint.

Other improvements
  • Starting from SPS versions 6.0.4 and 6.5.0, certificates with SHA1-based signatures are no longer trusted for Active Directory or LDAP authentication.

  • New parameters have been added to the Authentication and Authorization and Credential Store plugins to replace deprecated parameters.

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