Element Type Description
key string Top level element, contains the ID of the policy.
body Top level element (string) The elements of the ICA settings policy.
name string Name of the ICA settings policy. Cannot contain whitespace.
preconnect_channel_check boolean

Before establishing the server-side connection, SPS can evaluate the connection and channel policies to determine if the connection might be permitted at all. The server-side connection is established only if the evaluated policies permit the client to access the server.

To enable this function, set the parameter to true.

reliability Top level item Settings for ICA connection attempts.
timeout int Connection timeout, in seconds.
inactivity_timeout Top level element
enabled boolean
  • true: If no user activity is detected, it terminates the session after the configured time has passed since the last user activity.
  • false: No user inactivity timeout.
value int

Only if enabled is true

The value of user activity timeout. Must be greater than or equal to the value of timeout