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Password Manager On Demand Hosted - Quick Start Guide

Overview: What is Password Manager On Demand?

This product is a complete Password Manager installation, provisioned in the One Identity cloud and connected to your network through a virtual private network (VPN) to manage the passwords of your on-premises Active Directory user accounts. One Identity will operate and monitor the runtime environment for you.

Password Manager On Demand is available both in a limited-time trial mode and in a subscription-based licensing model. Once One Identity enables Password Manager On Demand for your organization, you must send a set of required configuration information to the One Identity Cloud Operations Team via the One Identity Starling portal. For more information on providing the requested information, see Sending required information to One Identity.

One Identity will provision your environment after providing the requested information. This provisioning can take up to 24 hours to complete, and some additional VPN configuration may be required to adjust your VPN gateway device to connect to the VPN gateway hosted on your behalf.

Because One Identity is provisioning this deployment in an address that is private to your VPN, One Identity will provide the IP address for Password Manager On Demand, and the administrator account credentials.

Architectural Overview

The following describes the components and architectural overview of your deployment.

Password Manager is a web-based application that provides an easy-to-implement and use, yet highly secure password management solution. Users can connect to Password Manager by using their favorite browser and perform password self-management tasks, therefore eliminating the need for assistance from high-level administrators and reducing helpdesk workload.

The solution offers a powerful and flexible password policy control mechanism that allows Password Manager administrators to ensure that all passwords in the organization comply with the established policies.

Operational Guidelines

The following list describes the operational guidelines for your deployment.

  • The One Identity Cloud Operations Team pre-configures the administrator password. Use the administrator account and password to configure Password Manager On Demand for your environment.

  • The One Identity Cloud Operations Team will proactively monitor your installation.

  • The One Identity Cloud Operations Team will back up the system periodically and retain the backup for a period of 7 days in case an emergency restoration is required. Contact One Identity Support if an explicit restore is required.

Sending required information to One Identity

Before the One Identity Cloud Operations Team can configure and provision your Password Manager On Demand environment, you must send a set of configuration information via the One Identity Starling portal (


Before collecting and sending the required information, make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • Your organization is already registered on the One Identity Starling portal.

  • If you configure a product trial, your One Identity representative notified your organization that the product trial has been added to your organization account.

  • If you configure a subscribed product, your organization received a subscription confirmation email from One Identity.

To send product configuration information to the One Identity Cloud Operations Team

  1. To open the list of product services available for your organization, in the One Identity Starling portal, click Services.

  2. To start configuring the product, open the Application page of Password Manager On Demand.

    • To configure a product trial, open the View On Demand services ribbon at the bottom of the page and click Password Manager On Demand > Trial. This will create the trial subscription for you. Continue configuring the trial subscription as described in the next bullet point.

    • To configure a subscribed product (or an active product trial), click My Services > Password Manager On Demand.

  3. In the Contact Information step, specify whether you are the technical contact for the One Identity Cloud Operations Team in your organization.

    • If you are the technical contact (that is you have all the technical information required by One Identity to configure and provision Password Manager On Demand), select I am the technical contact and click Next: Technical information.

    • If you are not the technical contact, then invite the contact who can provide the required configuration information. This is typically required if the initial On Demand invitation email was sent to you due to organizational policies, even if you are not the technical contact of the On Demand product. To invite the actual technical collaborator:

      1. Select Someone else is the technical contact, then click Invite Collaborator.

      2. In the Invite Collaborator dialog, provide the name and email address of the technical contact.

      3. To send an invitation to the specified contact, click Invite.

        TIP: You can also invite a technical contact by clicking Collaborators on the top left corner of the One Identity Starling web interface.

      Once you sent the invitation to the technical contact, make sure that they perform the remaining steps.

  4. In the Technical Information step, provide the required configuration information as instructed on-screen.

  5. To confirm the information you entered, click Submit Details. This opens the Confirm Details dialog, where you can either send the information to the One Identity Cloud Operations Team (Submit Details), or return to the Technical Information step and make any final changes (Edit Details).

    NOTE: Once you submit the specified information, you cannot make any further changes, unless One Identity rejects the provided configuration information for some reason.

  6. Once you sent the configuration information, the Setting Up step will indicate the status of provisioning and configuring Password Manager On Demand. One Identity will also send you an email notification each time the status of deployment changes.

    The Setting Up step will also indicate if configuration fails for any reason (for example, because of incorrect data provided in the Technical Information step).

    To open the Technical Information step and fix the provided information as requested by the One Identity Cloud Team, click Update Details. Once you updated the configuration details, resend them to the One Identity Cloud Operations Team by clicking Submit Details again in the Technical Information step.

Once Password Manager On Demand is configured for your organization, the Application page of Password Manager On Demand will display the connection and configuration data of your On Demand deployment.

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