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Password Manager 5.7.1 - Administration Guide

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Changes Propagation

After you specify the Active Directory sites in which you want to push changes, you can also select what kind of changes to propagate. The following options are available:

  • Propagate changes related to the user’s account in Active Directory
  • Propagate changes related to the user’s Questions and Answers profile
  • Propagate password-related changes

Propagating account-related changes

Select this option to propagate information about unlocking and enabling user accounts in Active Directory. It is recommended to use this option when a managed domain has users in multiple Active Directory sites.

Propagating Q&A profile-related changes

Select this option to propagate information about editing, locking and unlocking Q&A profile, and passcodes issued by help desk. It is recommended to use this option when users and Password Manager Service use domain controllers from different sites. In this case, if users update their Q&A profiles using Secure Password Extension (via the domain controller in one site), and then attempt to use the profiles on the Self-Service (via the domain controller in another site), they may encounter the issue when the updated Q&A profile is not yet available because of intersite replication latency.

Propagating password-related changes

Propagating password-related changes

Select this option to propagate information about changing or resetting user password. It is recommended to use this option in the following environment. You have several Active Directory sites in your environment; a user’s computer and Password Manager Service are located in different sites. User authentication is performed via a read-only domain controller (RODC).

In this environment, users may experience downtime in the following scenario:

  • A user changes password via a domain controller used by Password Manager Service in site A.
  • The user attempts to authenticate to an RODC in site B, the RODC forwards the authentication request to a writable domain controller in the site, but the password has not be replicated yet to site B.
  • User authentication is failed because of intersite replication latency.

To mitigate this issue, after selecting the corresponding Active Directory site (in which the RODC is located) and the writable domain controller from the site, select the Propagate password-related changes check box to immediately propagate password changes to the selected writable domain controller and enable user authentication via the RODC.

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