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Password Manager 5.7.1 - How to Guide

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The Password Manager license specifies the maximum number of user accounts enabled for management by Password Manager in all managed domains. When launching the Administration site, Password Manager counts the actual number of user accounts defined in all of the User scopes, and compares it with the maximum number specified by the license. If the number exceeds the maximum licensed number, a license violation occurs. A warning message is displayed on every connection to the Administration site of Password Manager. In the event of a license violation, you have the following options:

  • Exclude a number of user accounts from the user accounts managed by Password Manager to bring your license count in line with the licensed value and reconnect to the Administration site to recalculate the license number
  • Remove one or more managed domains to decrease the number of managed user accounts
  • Purchase a new license with a greater number of user accounts. Click Licensing on the left menu and then select Install License

Note that the following items are not limited by the license:

  • The number of computers connected to the Administration, Self-Service, and Helpdesk sites of Password Manager
  • The number of Password Manager instances in a large enterprise. Password Manager can be installed on multiple servers for enhanced performance and fault tolerance with no impact to the license count

Using a license from a previous version

The License keys are set for major versions, such as 4.x or 5.x. As such, when the product changes to a major version number, a new key must be used.

For example, if you are currently running 4.7, then you must obtain a new License Key in order to upgrade and install any version of 5.x.

Telephone verification license

Password Manager has the option for a separate Telephone Verification license. If you did not already have a Telephone Verification license, you can now purchase one and add it at any time without the need to obtain a new License Key for users as well.

If you were previously provided a License Key for any version of 5.x that included the Telephone Verification license, the Telephone Verification License will continue to work.

Starling 2FA license

New in 5.7.1, Password Manager has the option to use Starling 2 factor (2FA) verification.

Starling Two-Factor Authentication is a SaaS application that enables two-factor authentication on Password Manager. Starling Two-Factor Authentication uses the token generated by SMS, phone call or Defender Cloud application for authentication. Users can use this token to authenticate themselves on the Self-Service site and Helpdesk site.

For more information regarding Starling Two-Factor Authentication, see Authenticate with Starling Two-Factor Authentication in the Password Manager Administration Guide.

To configure Starling Two-Factor Authentication in Password Manager, you have to subscribe to Starling Two-Factor Authentication. For more details, visit One Identity Starling site.

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