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Privilege Manager for Unix 6.1 Common Documents - Administration Guide

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string subst ( string str, string pattern, string replacement )

subst substitutes part of a string with another string.


Returns: "xxxtwoxxx"


string substr ( string str, int start, int length )

substr returns the substring of a given length starting at a given position in the string.

printf("%s\n",substr ("xxxfooxxx",3,3))

Returns "foo".

printf(%s\n",substr (xxxfooxxx",3,-1))

-1 returns the remainder of the string, "fooxxx".

User information functions

These are the built-in user information functions available to use within the policy file.

Table 45: User information functions
Name Description
getfullname Get a user’s full name from the policy server.
getgroup Get a user’s primary group from the policy server.
getgroups Get the list of groups for a user from the policy server.
gethome Get a user’s home directory from the policy server.
getshell Get a user’s login shell from the policy server.


string getfullname ( string user )

getfullname returns the specified user’s full name from the policy server (or from the client host if getpasswordfromrun is set to yes in the policy server's pm.settings file).

# print the fullname of root on the policy server 
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