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Privilege Manager for Unix 6.1 Common Documents - Administration Guide

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list splitsubst( string X, string delimiter )

The splitsubst function splits a string X into a list. This function is similar to the split function except that the delimiter contains the entire delimiter string.


The following example returns the list: "john","jane,james"

a = splitsubst( "john,,jane,james", ",," )
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Miscellaneous functions

These are the built-in miscellaneous functions available to use within the policy file.

Table 39: Miscellaneous functions
Name Description
atoi Translate a string representation of an integer to an integer.
authenticate_pam Authenticate a user on the primary policy server.
authenticate_pam_toclient Authenticate a user on the client.
basename Return the filename portion of a path.
comparehosts Check whether a host string matches a host definition.
datecmp Compare two date strings.
dirname Return the directory name portion of a path
feature_enabled Determine whether a feature is supported on the policy server
fileexists Check whether a file exists on the policy server.
glob Match a string to a pattern.
ingroup Check whether a host is in the specified UNIX group on the policy server.
innetgroup Check whether a user is in the specified NIS netgroup on the policy server.
innetuser Check whether a user is in the NIS netgroup.
lineno Return the current line number in the policy file.

Create a temporary file. Same as mktemp system.

osname Return a string representation of the operating system.
quote Quote a string.
rand Generate a random number.
stat Obtain information about a file on the policy server.
strftime Format the current date/time as a string.
system Run a program on the policy server.
timebetween Check whether a given time is between two times.
tolower Convert string to lower case.
toupper Convert string to upper case.

Return system information on the policy server; output of uname system command line.


int atoi ( string nptr )

atoi converts the string representation of a decimal integer to an integer. If the string does not contain a number, it produces a syntax error and rejects the session.

This function returns the converted integer.

printf("%d\n", x); 

Returns: 123

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int authenticate_pam ( string user [, string service] ) 

The authenticate_pam function authenticates a user by means of the PAM (Pluggable Authentication Method) APIs on the policy servers.

NOTE: For more information on how to configure PAM, consult the documentation for your platform.

The service parameter identifies the name of the PAM service to use to authenticate the user. This can be any valid service name configured in the PAM system configuration. It defaults to the PAM service "login".

This function returns 0 to indicate failure and 1 to indicate success.

if (user=="paul" && basename(command)=="useradd") 
   if (!authenticate_pam(user, "sshd")) 
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