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Quick Connect Express for AD 5.5 - Administrator Guide

Installing One Identity Quick Connect Express for Active Directory Working with Active Directory Working with an AD LDS (ADAM) instance Working with Lync Server Working with Exchange Server

UmMailboxPolicy object attributes

Other attributes provided for the UmMailboxPolicy object have the same names and descriptions as parameters of the following Exchange Management Shell cmdlet:

Scenario: Migrate mailboxes from one Exchange Server to another

To migrate a mailbox, you need to use the MoveMailboxTo attribute provided for the Mailbox object. Update the value of the MoveMailboxTo attribute, so that it includes the name or GUID of the Exchange Server database to which you want to move the mailbox. As a result, the mailbox is migrated to the Exchange Server computer that hosts the specified database.

Step 1: Configure a connection to Exchange Server

Step 2: Create a new synchronization workflow

For instructions on how to create a new synchronization workflow, see the One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine Administrator Guide.
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