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Safeguard Authentication Services 4.1.3 - ActiveRoles Integration Pack Administration Guide


In order to help you get the most out of this guide, we have used specific formatting conventions. These conventions apply to procedures, icons, keystrokes and cross-references.

Element Convention
Select This word refers to actions such as choosing or highlighting various interface elements, such as files and radio buttons.
Bold text Used to indicate elements that appear in the graphical user interface that you are to select such as the OK button.
Italic text Interface elements that appear in One Identity products, such as menus and commands.
courier text Used to indicate host names, file names, program names, command names, and file paths.
Blue Text Indicates an interactive link to a related topic.
Used to highlight additional information pertinent to the process or topic being described.
+ A plus sign between two keystrokes means that you must press them at the same time.
| A pipe sign between elements means that you must select the elements in that particular sequence.
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