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Safeguard Authentication Services 4.1.3 - ActiveRoles Integration Pack Release Notes

Key Features of the Integration Pack

The Authentication Services ActiveRoles Integration Pack extends the capabilities of the ActiveRoles Server Web interface to include the management of Unix and Linux identities such as Unix-enabled users and groups. You define all management operations by means of the ActiveRoles Server console. Then when managing the users and groups in the Web interface, the defined provisioning and security policies will be followed.

You can also use the ActiveRoles Server change-tracking features, such as management history, to monitor changes made to Unix-related data. ActiveRoles Server gives you a clear log, which documents the changes made to a given identity, such as a Unix-enabled user account. The log includes entries detailing actions performed, success or failure of the actions, as well as which properties were changed.

The Integration Pack provides ActiveRoles policy types that enable automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of Unix account attributes for users and groups. You can incorporate these provisioning actions into custom work flows.

The following sections describe these Integration Pack components:

NOTE: Refer to Administration Tasks for procedures on how to use these Integration Pack components.
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