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Safeguard Authentication Services 4.1.3 - ActiveRoles Integration Pack Release Notes

Unix Properties Menu Not Visible in Web Interface

After installing the Integration Pack, whenever you select a user or group in the ActiveRoles Server Web interface, a new menu entry appears called Unix Properties. If you do not see this menu entry, ensure that you configured the web site for Authentication Services ActiveRoles Integration.

To configured the web site for Authentication Services ActiveRoles Integration

  1. From the Start menu on the machine where the Integration Pack is installed, navigate to All Programs | Quest Software | Authentication Services ActiveRoles Integration | ActiveRoles Integration Configuration Wizard to start the wizard.

If you still do not see the Unix Properties extension

  1. Start the ActiveRoles Server Web interface in Windows Internet Explorer.
  2. From the Customization menu on the main page of the ActiveRoles Server Web Interface, choose the Reload option.
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