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Safeguard Authentication Services 4.1.5 - Evaluation Guide

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Management console

Management Console for Unix allows you to centrally manage Authentication Services agents running on Unix, Linux and Mac OS X systems.

With the mangement console you can:

  • Remotely deploy the Authentication Services agent software.
  • Manage local user and group accounts.
  • Configure account mappings from local users to Active Directory accounts.
  • Report on a variety of security and host access related information.

You can install the mangement console on supported Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. Once installed, you can access it from a browser using default port of 9443 or from the Control Center.

Group Policy

Microsoft Group Policy provides excellent policy-based configuration management tools for Windows. Group Policy enables you to manage Unix resources in much the same way. Group Policy allows you to consolidate configuration management tasks by using the Group Policy functionality of Microsoft Windows Server to manage Unix operating systems and Unix application settings.

To open Group Policy, click Group Policy on the left navigation panel of the Authentication Services Control Center.

Filter options

To filter the list of GPOs

  1. Expand the Filter Options section.
  2. Enter all or part of a name to filter the list of GPOs.
  3. Open the Domain drop down menu to choose a domain.
  4. Select the Unix Settings or Mac Settings List Only options to further filter the GPO list.

    If you select both options, only the GPOs configured for both Unix and Mac OS X display.

Edit GPO

To edit a group policy object

  1. From the Group Policy window, select a GPO in the list and click Edit GPO from the Actions menu.

    The Group Policy Object Editor opens for the selected GPO.

    Note: For more information about the group policies, refer to the Authentication ServicesAdministration Guide, located in Control Center Tools view in the Documentation section, or in the docs directory of the installation media.

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