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Safeguard Authentication Services 4.1.5 - Evaluation Guide

One Identity Privileged Access Suite for Unix Introducing One Identity Authentication Services Installing and configuring Authentication Services Getting started with Authentication Services

Installing and configuring the management console

The easiest way to install and configure Authentication Services Unix agent components is by means of Management Console for Unix.

Note: The procedures in this topic assume you do not have Management Console for Unix already installed.

To install the mangement console on a supported Windows platform

  1. Mount the Authentication Services 4.1 distribution media.

    Autorun starts automatically.

    Note: To start the Autorun installation wizard, you can also navigate to the root of the distribution media and double-click autorun Application file.

  2. From the Authentication Services Autorun Home page, click the Setup tab.
  3. From the Setup tab, click Management Console for Unix.

    The install wizard guides you through the rest of the setup dialogs:

    • Management Console for Unix License Agreement
    • Configure TCP/IP Port
    • Completing the Management Console for Unix installation
  4. On the Complete dialog, clear the Launch the Management Console option and click Finish to exit the install wizard and return to the Authentication Services Autorun Setup tab.

    Once you have installed Management Console for Unix, you are ready to install or upgrade the Authentication Services Windows components.

Install Authentication Services Windows components

One Identity recommends that you install the Windows components and configure Active Directory before you install the Unix components.

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Installing Authentication Services Windows components

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Installing Authentication Services Windows components

Install Authentication Services on each Windows Workstation you plan to use to administer Unix data in Active Directory.

To install the Authentication Services Windows components

  1. From the Autorun Setup tab, click Authentication Services to launch the setup wizard.
  2. At the Software License Agreement dialog, accept the terms of the End User License Agreement and click Install.

    The Authentication Services Setup wizard installs all Authentication Services components by default.

    To only install specific components, click the Customize installation options link. (For more information, see Customize Installation Options in the Authentication Services Installation Guide.)

  3. Once the installation completes successfully, click Finish or Launch Control Center.

Configure Active Directory for Authentication Services

To utilize full Active Directory functionality, when you install Authentication Services in your environment, One Identity recommends that you prepare Active Directory to store the configuration settings that it uses. Authentication Services adds the Unix properties of Active Directory users and groups to Active Directory and allows you to map a Unix user to an Active Directory user. This is a one-time process that creates the Authentication Services application configuration in your forest.

Note: To use the Authentication Services Active Directory Configuration Wizard, you must have rights to create and delete all child objects in the Active Directory container.

If you do not configure Active Directory for Authentication Services, you can run your Authentication Services client agent in "Version 3 Compatibility Mode" which allows you to join a host to an Active Directory domain.

(For more information, see Version 3 Compatibility Mode in the Authentication Services Installation Guide.)

When running Authentication Services client agent in "Version 3 Compatibility Mode", you have the option in One Identity Management Console for Unix to set the schema configuration to use Windows 2003 R2. (See Configure Windows 2003 R2 Schema in the mangement console online Help for details.) The Windows 2003 R2 schema option extends the schema to support the direct look up of Unix identities in Active Directory domain servers.

You can also create the Authentication Services application configuration from the Unix command line, if you prefer. For more information, see Creating the Application Configuration from the Unix Command Line in the Authentication Services Installation Guide.

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