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Safeguard Authentication Services 4.2.4 - Installation Guide

Privileged Access Suite for Unix Introducing One Identity Authentication Services Installing and configuring Authentication Services Installing and joining from the Unix command line Getting started with Authentication Services Troubleshooting Enterprise package deployment

Installing the Authentication Services agent

To install the Authentication Services agent with the installation script

  1. Log in and open a root shell.
  2. Mount the installation ISO for your selected platform and navigate to the mount point.
  3. Run by entering the following command:

    # ./ vasclnt

    Note: See Installing the Authentication Services agent package for a list of the Authentication Services Agent installation commands.

    After installing Authentication Services some services such as cron, sshd, and gdm may need to be restarted in order to reload NSS configuration. If you are unsure of which services to restart, reboot the system.

Installation script options

If you run with no option, it installs (or upgrades) Authentication Services and Authentication Services Group Policy, installs the license, and joins the domain.

The following is a list of the available options to the Authentication Services install script.

Table 12: Options
Option Function
-d Turn on debug.
-h Help; displays usage information including a brief summary of options.
--help Displays full script help.
-v, --version Displays version and lists products available on this ISO.
-l path License; path to One Identity license file to copy (unattended mode). Not valid with -i (interactive mode).
-p Specify alternate ISO path to search for install packages.
-t Test host and ISO and report on what is installed and available.
<none> Simple mode.
-i Interactive mode; provides a menu showing choices based on existing Authentication Services software installation and includes a help mode.
-q Unattending mode; executes script in unattended (automatic) mode; requires other options.
-a Accept License; signals acceptance of One Identity LLC EULA.
Table 13: Special commands
Command Description
upgrade Upgrades all products on the system.
remove Removes all products from the system.
join Executes interactive script. Not valid with -q (Unattended mode).
preflight Executes interactive preflight test. Not valid with -q (Unattended mode).
license Executes interactive install of license files (or use -l option). Not valid with -q (Unattended mode).

In unattended mode, the following arguments are useful for scripting the components you want to install or uninstall.

Table 14: Unattended mode arguments
Argument Function
vascert Installs or upgrades Authentication Services Certificate Autoenrollment.
vasclnt Installs or upgrades Authentication Services agent.
vasdev Installs or upgrades Authentication Services SDK.
vasgp Installs or upgrades Authentication Services Group Policy agent.
vasproxy Installs or upgrades Authentication Services Proxy daemon.
vassc Installs or upgrades Authentication Services for Smart Cards agent.
vasyp Installs or upgrades Authentication Services YP server.
novascert Uninstalls Authentication Services Certificate Autoenrollment.
novasclnt Uninstalls the Authentication Services agent.
novasdev Uninstalls the Authentication Services SDK.
novasgp Uninstalls the Authentication Services Group Policy agent.
novasproxy Uninstalls the Authentication Services Proxy daemon.
novassc Uninstalls the Authentication Services for Smart Cards agent.
novasyp Uninstalls the Authentication Services YP server.

Licensing Authentication Services

You must have the Authentication Services license installed for full Authentication Services functionality on Unix.

There are four ways to manage licenses:

To obtain a license, use the Licensing Assistance page on the One Identity support page or contact your account representative.

Note: If you are running Management Console for Unix with a licensed version of Authentication Services, any time you make a change to the Authentication Services licensing, go into the mangement consoleSystem Setting | Licenses and click the Check for licenses button to refresh the product license information in Management Console for Unix.

Verifying Authentication Services license information

To verify that you have a valid Authentication Services license

  1. Run the following vastool command:
    vastool license –q

    You will see output similar to the following if you have a valid license installed:

    Number of Unix Enabled users in use:     150
    Number of Licensed Unix Enabled Users:  1000
    Valid licenses:                        1
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