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Safeguard Authentication Services 4.2 - Mac OS X/macOS Administration Guide

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Configure the Authentication Services node

To configure the Authentication Services node

  1. Click the Lock icon in the bottom left corner of the Directory Utility application to be authorized as an administrator. Until you do this, you will be unable to modify the system's Directory Access configuration.
  2. Click Services to display configurable services.
  3. Select Active Directory + Group Policy (QAS), and click the Pencil icon to configure this node.

    The Authentication Services Directory Utility plugin interface displays.

Adding, checking, and verifying Authentication Services licenses

To utilize the complete Authentication Services functionality, you must have a Authentication Services product license installed. This license provides basic functionality such as Active Directory authentication.

Complete the following steps to install the license using the Authentication Services Directory Utility plugin before continuing with the join process.

Note: For scripted or command-line configuration, copy the licenses to


Add, check, and verify licenses

To add, check, and verify licenses

  1. From the Authentication Services Directory Utility plugin, click the Status Disclosure Triangle to check for valid licenses.

    If the license is missing or expired, click Add License.

    Note: Most Authentication Services deployments have Authentication Services licenses available through an Active Directory group policy or installed through the Authentication Services application configuration that automatically applies to the system when you perform the Authentication Services join. If you have a license policy configured in Active Directory, you can skip these manual install instructions. Instead return to this screen after joining to verify proper license installation.

  2. Once the license has been added, verify that it is valid and click Close.

Joining the Active Directory domain

Authentication Services provides both a graphical option and a command line option for joining the domain.

Note: You cannot manage agent settings by means of Authentication ServicesGroup Policy if you have joined with the Apple-provided Active Directory plug-in. If you are currently bound to the domain using Apple components, unbind before proceeding.

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