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Safeguard Authentication Services 5.0.6 - Administration Guide

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Safeguard Authentication Services Group Policy
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Managing Unix hosts with Group Policy

Safeguard Authentication Services extends Group Policy to Unix, Linux and macOS. Safeguard Authentication Services Group Policy provides policies to manage a wide array of configuration settings, files, scripts and applications.

Note: For more information about managing your macOS clients with Group Policy, see the Safeguard Authentication Services macOS Administration Guide.

Safeguard Authentication Services Group Policy

The Microsoft Group Policy management solution is included as an integral part of the Microsoft Windows Server and allows administrators to define configurations for both Windows servers and desktops. Windows Administrators can use Group Policy to set policies that apply across a given site, domain, or range of organizational units (OUs) in Active Directory.

Group Policy allows administrators to use Microsoft Group Policy to manage configuration settings for non-Windows operating systems and applications. Safeguard Authentication Services allows Group Policy to become a single integrated tool for managing resource configuration in your enterprise, Windows and non-Windows alike.

Group Policy

Microsoft Group Policy provides excellent policy-based configuration management tools for Windows. Group Policy allows you to manage Unix resources in much the same way. Group Policy allows you to consolidate configuration management tasks by using the Group Policy functionality of Microsoft Windows Server to manage Unix operating systems and Unix application settings.

To open Group Policy, click Group Policy on the left navigation panel of the Safeguard Authentication Services Control Center.

Administrative interface

In order to achieve seamless integration with the Group Policy user interface, the Group Policy interface is written as a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in extension. It is specifically designed to transparently plug into the Group Policy Object Editor (GPOE) console. The policies necessary to provide Unix management from the GPOE are integrated into the existing GPOE policy namespace.

With Group Policy, administrators use the same familiar tools (the GPOE) to manage Unix group policies as they use to manage Windows group policies. Because Group Policy adheres to the same Group Policy association and application rules, administrators are able to quickly generate useful policies for management of Unix configuration settings without significant user interface training.

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