To query one particular node, complete the following steps.

  1. Query the /api/cluster/nodes/<node-id-of-node-to-be-queried> endpoint on the node that you want to query.
    curl --cookie cookies https://<IP-address-of-node-to-be-queried>/api/cluster/nodes/<node-id-of-node-to-be-queried>

    The following is a sample response received.

    For details of the meta object, see Message format.

        "body": {
            "address": "<IP-address-of-node-to-be-queried>",
            "roles": [
        "key": "b35c54da-b556-4f91-ade5-d26283d68277",
        "meta": {
            "href": "/api/cluster/nodes/b35c54da-b556-4f91-ade5-d26283d68277",
            "parent": "/api/cluster/nodes",
            "remaining_seconds": 28800,
            "status": "/api/cluster/status/b35c54da-b556-4f91-ade5-d26283d68277"
    Elements Type Description
    body Top-level element (JSON object) Contains the JSON object of the node.
    address string The IP address of the node.
    roles string The role assigned to the node.
    key string The ID of the node.