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One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions 6.10.0 - Okta Multi-Factor Authentication - Tutorial


Having to perform multi-factor authentication to a remote server every time the user opens a session can be tedious and inconvenient for the users, and can impact their productivity. SPS offers the following methods to solve this problem:

  • In SPS, the Connection policy determines the type of authentication required to access a server. If you do not need multi-factor authentication for accessing specific servers, configure your Connection policies accordingly.

  • If the user opens a new session within a short period, they can do so without having to perform multi-factor authentication. After this configurable grace period expires, the user must perform multi-factor authentication to open the next session. For details, see [authentication_cache].

  • The [whitelist source=user_list] and [whitelist source=ldap_server_group] sections allow configuring authentication whitelists and blacklists based on a User List policy or an LDAP Server policy. These two sections are independent, therefore any of the two can be configured and, for example, can create break-glass access for specific users to allow them to bypass Okta authentication.

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