Configure SPS to allow exporting files from an audit trail. For more information, see Configuring SPS to enable exporting files from audit trails after RDP file transfer.

NOTE: By default, the Safeguard Desktop Player application only exports complete files. To export partially transferred files, see Exporting transferred files from SCP, SFTP, HTTP and RDP audit trail using the command line.

To export files from an audit trail after RDP file transfer through clipboard or disk redirection

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Search in SPS, select the session during which the files were copy-pasted through the clipboard or transferred through disk redirection, and click .
  2. Click , save the .zat file, and open the Safeguard Desktop Player application.
  3. Open the .zat file and click in the Safeguard Desktop Player interface window.
  4. Navigate to EXPORT > Export transferred files... and select Choose in the Select folder – Safeguard Desktop Player window. Safeguard Desktop Player automatically displays the files in a new window under EXPORTED FILES (<number of files>), with information about the files' original path.
  5. (Optional) Open the files to see if the export was successful.