The following describes how to prevent disk space from filling up.

NOTE: One Identity highly recommends this if One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS) is hosted in a virtual environment.

To prevent disk space from filling up

  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > Management > Disk space fill-up prevention.

    Figure 63: Basic Settings > Management > Disk space fill-up prevention — Preventing disk space fill-up

  2. Enter the limit of maximum disk utilization in percents in the Disconnect clients when disks are: x percent used field. Make sure to enter a value between 50-98 percent. When disk space is used above the configured limit, SPS disconnects all clients. The default value is 80.

  3. (Optional) To automatically start all configured archiving/cleanup jobs when disk usage goes over the limit, select the Automatically start archiving option.

    For more information on configuring an archiving policy, see Archiving.

    NOTE: If there is no archiving policy configured, selecting this option will not trigger automatic archiving.

  4. Click .

  5. Navigate to Basic Settings > Alerting & Monitoring > Health monitoring and enable alert Disk utilization maximum.

  6. Click .