You can turn any search query or statistics into a subchapter to add to your reports. This is an easy and flexible way of creating reports to monitor traffic, track certain parameters, or get alerted about particular events.

To create a search-based report subchapter from search results

  1. Navigate to Search, and perform a query of your choice.

  2. Click Search. Search results are displayed.

  3. Click Create report. The Create new subchapter page is displayed, with the Query field populated with your query. If the Query field is not populated, enter a valid search query.

    Figure 318: Search > Create report - Example subchapter created from search results with Query field populated

  4. In the Name field, add a name to your report.

  5. In Subchapter type, select the type that fits your query. You can choose from the following types:
    • Sessions list: Displays a list of sessions.

      Set the number of sessions to show in the report as required.

    • Timeline: Visualizes the distribution of sessions within a day/week/month, depending on the time range chosen for the report under Reporting > Configuration > Generate this report every > Day/Week/Month.
    • Statistics: Visualizes the distribution of sessions based on the selected metadata.

      Select a Statistic presentation for your report, such as List, Pie chart, or Bar chart. Select the field (the metadata) to create your statistics on.

  6. To add the subchapter to an existing report, click Add to a report and select from the list of available reports.

    Alternatively, to configure a custom report from scratch, click Include in a new report. For more information, see Configuring custom reports.