The following describes how to establish a Remote Desktop (RDP) connection to a server when the AA plugin is configured.

To establish an RDP connection to a server when the AA plugin is configured

  1. Open your Remote Desktop client application.

  2. If you have to provide additional information to authenticate on the server, you must enter this information in your Remote Desktop client application into the User name field, before the regular content (for example, your username) of the field.

    To encode additional data, you can use the following special characters:

    • % as a field separator

    • ~ as the equal sign

    • ^ as a colon (for example, to specify the port number or an IPv6 IP address)

    For example, to add a token ID before your username, use the following format:


    Note how domain information is provided. If your server is in a domain, make sure that you specify the domain in this format: putting it in front, followed by a backslash (\).

  3. Connect to the server.

  4. If One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS) prompts you for further information (for example, a one-time password), enter the requested information.

  5. Authenticate on the server.

  6. If authentication is successful, you can access the server.