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Safeguard for Sudo 2.0 - Administrators Guide

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int vas_auth_user_password ( string user, string pmpt, [, int tries] )

The vas_auth_user_password function attempts to authenticate a user to Active Directory using the Authentication Services API. This feature is platform dependent. The feature_enabled() function indicates whether this feature is supported on a particular policy server.

Returns 1 if the user successfully authenticates; otherwise it returns 0 (zero).

if (feature_enabled(FEATURE_VAS) ) { 
   if (!vas_auth_user_password(user, "AD Password:", 3)) { 
      reject “Failed to authenticate to AD”; 


int vas_host_in_ADgrouplist ( string hostname, string domain, list ADgrouplist [, boolean verbose] )

The vas_host_in_ADgrouplist function checks if the selected host name and domain is a member of any group in the selected list. It calls vas_host_is_member for each item in the list.

Returns: -1 if host is not found in the list, otherwise it returns the index of the matched list entry.


int vas_host_is_member ( string hostname, string groupname [, string domain [, boolean verbose]] )

The vas_host_is_member function checks whether a selected host name and selected domain is a member of the selected group. If domain is empty, it defaults to the joined domain. You can specify the group name as <domain>/<group> or <group>@<domain>.

Returns: 0=host not in group; 1=host in group; -1: error


int vas_user_get_groups ( string username, string domainname [, boolean verbose] )

The vas_user_get_groups function checks membership of the group lists.

Returns the index of the matched list item if found, or -1 if not found.

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