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Safeguard for Sudo 7.2.3 - Administration Guide

Introducing Safeguard for Sudo Planning Deployment Installation and Configuration Upgrade Safeguard for Sudo System Administration Managing Security Policy Administering Log and Keystroke Files Supported sudo plugins Troubleshooting Safeguard Variables Safeguard programs Installation Packages Supported Sudoers directives Unsupported Sudo Options Safeguard for Sudo Policy Evaluation



Type string READ ONLY

The rlimit_stack variable controls the maximum size of the process stack.



Type string READONLY

The user's sAMAccountName for the submit user if Authentication Services is configured and the client is able to determine the sAMAccountName. Otherwise this variable is set to an empty string.

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Type boolean READONLY

selinux detects whether the client running pmrun or sudo is within an SELinux environment.

If SELinux is enabled on the client or policy host machine, it is True. If disabled, it is False.



Type integer READONLY

status contains the exit status of the most recent command run by the system function.

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