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Starling CertAccess Hosted - Web Portal User Guide

General tips and getting started Requests Attestation Responsibilities Managing data Managing user permissions for the Web Portal Setting up and configuring request functions Appendix: Attestation conditions and approval policies from attestation procedures

Using the help

You can use the guide as well as online help to answer questions about the Web Portal.

To call up help in the Web Portal

  • In the header, click (Help) > .

    The Starling CertAccess Web Portal User Guide opens as online help.


You can find the filter function represented by (Filter) on a lot of pages. It provides you with a selection of different filters.

NOTE: The contents of the filters vary depending on context.

MOBILE: This function is only available in the list view of the mobile interface.

To use a filter

  1. On the page with the filter function, click (Filter).

  2. In the menu, enable the filter that you want to apply.

  3. (Optional) To reset the filter, click (Filter) and then Clear filters.

Switching languages

In the Web Portal, you can specify which language you want to use for the Web Portal.

NOTE: If you have not explicitly assigned a language in the Web Portal, the language used by your browser will be adopted.

To change the language of the Web Portal

  1. In the header, click (Profile) > My profile.

  2. On the Profile page, in the Language dialog, select the language that you want to use for the Web Portal.

  3. In the Language for value formatting menu, select the language you want to use for date and number formats.

    For example, German dates are displayed in the format DD.MM.JJJJ (24.12.2020) and in English US format MM/DD/JJJJ (12/24/2020).

  4. Click Save.

Enabling/disabling email notifications

You can define which events you would like to be notified about by email.

To enable/disable email notifications

  1. In the header, click (Profile) > My profile.

  2. On the Profile page, click Email notifications

  3. Perform one of the following tasks:

    • To enable notifications, select the check box next to the event that you want to notified about.

    • To disable notifications, deselect the box next to the event that you do not want to notified about any longer.

  4. Click Save.

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