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Starling CertAccess Hosted - Web Portal User Guide

General tips and getting started Requests Attestation Responsibilities Managing data Managing user permissions for the Web Portal Setting up and configuring request functions Appendix: Attestation conditions and approval policies from attestation procedures

Ending report subscriptions

You can unsubscribe from reports.

To end a report subscription

  1. In the header, click (Profile) > My report subscriptions.

  2. On the Report Subscriptions page, in the list, click (Actions) > Unsubscribe next to the report subscription that you want to end.

  3. In the Unsubscribe Report dialog, confirm the prompt with OK.

The user interface layout

The Web Portal user interface is divided into several sections:

Top - header

The header with the company logo is at the top of the screen. You can use different functions and reach different sections from here.

Top – menu bar

The menu bar is displayed horizontally in the upper part of the screen and provides different menus and submenus.

Work area

The work area changes depending on the menu you opened from the navigation.

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Start page

Open the start page by clicking Start page in the menu bar.

Once you have logged in successfully, the start page appears. Displayed across the start page, there are tiles of different sizes that you can click on. The tiles allow you to access some frequently used menu items or important actions with one click.

Other tiles show statistics or heatmaps. You can also call up this information in full screen mode by clicking the relevant button.


There are several buttons available to you in the Web Portal's header bar that make it easier and simpler to access functions and settings. The following table explains, which icons to select to reach the relevant functions and settings.

Table 6: Functions in the header


Use these menu items to:


Here you can open the help. The help contains the entire contents of the Web Portal User Guide.

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