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syslog-ng Premium Edition 6.0.21 - Administrator Guide for syslog-ng Agent for Windows



syslog-windebun.ps1 — syslog-ng WINdows DEBUg buNdle generator PowerShell script


powershell C:\PATH\TO\syslog-debun.ps1


The syslog-windebun application is a powershell script that collects information about its environment into a file, to help troubleshoot syslog-ng Premium Edition and syslog-ng Agent for Windows installations.

The syslog-windebun application application is distributed with the syslog-ng PE system logging application, and is usually part of the syslog-ng Premium Edition package or the syslog-ng Agent for Windows package. The latest version of the is available at the syslog-ng Downloads page. You can also contact the One Identity Support Team and request the latest version of the script.

Using syslog-windebun

The application requires PowerShell 2.0 or later. Administrator privileges are not required.

To use syslog-windebun, run the application in an interactive powershell terminal. On 64-bit Windows, use the 64-bit PowerShell terminal.


powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned C:\PATH\TO\syslog-debun.ps1

The script collects the information about the syslog-ng PE environment into a file, and displays the location of this file. When creating a support ticket, attach this file to the ticket to help our support team troubleshoot your problem. The following is an example output.

PS C:\Users\balabit> C:\Users\balabit\Downloads\syslog-windebun.ps1
syslog-ng Agent is installed
Start gathering Agent related information
Finished gathering syslog-ng Agent information
syslog-ng PE is installed
Start gathering syslog-ng PE related information
Finished gathering syslog-ng PE related information
Starting to gather system related information
Finished gathering system related information.

The resulted zip file is found where you started running the program.

Please send the following file to Balabit Support:

Data collection policy

The syslog-windebun application collects the following information into a file.

  • Routing information

  • System information

  • Network statistics

  • Network port information

  • IP configuration

  • The XML configuration file of syslog-ng Agent for Windows

  • Registry information of syslog-ng Agent for Windows

  • The content of the etc folder of syslog-ng Premium Edition

  • PowerShell and .NET version

  • syslog-ng Premium Edition and syslog-ng Agent for Windows version

  • Installation logs of syslog-ng Premium Edition and syslog-ng Agent for Windows version




This manual page was written by the One Identity Documentation Team <>.


Copyright© 2000-2018One Identity. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works (by-nc-nd) 3.0 license. For details, see The latest version is always available at the syslog-ng Documentation page.

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