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syslog-ng Premium Edition 7.0.12 - Quick Start Guide


The syslog-ng application is a flexible and highly scalable system logging application that is ideal for creating centralized and trusted logging solutions.

Typically, syslog-ng is used to manage log messages and implement centralized logging, where the aim is to collect the log messages of several devices on a single, central log server. The different devices — called syslog-ng clients — all run syslog-ng, and collect the log messages from the various applications, files, and other sources. The clients send all important log messages to the remote syslog-ng server, which sorts and stores them.

Modes of operation

The syslog-ng Premium Edition application has three distinct operation scenarios: Client, Server, and Relay. The syslog-ng PE application running on a host determines the mode of operation automatically based on the license and the configuration file.

Client mode

Figure 1: Client-mode operation

In client mode, syslog-ng collects the local logs generated by the host and forwards them through a network connection to the central syslog-ng server or to a relay. Clients often also log the messages locally into files.

No license file is required to run syslog-ng in client mode.

Relay mode

Figure 2: Relay-mode operation

In relay mode, syslog-ng receives logs through the network from syslog-ng clients and forwards them to the central syslog-ng server using a network connection. Relays also log the messages from the relay host into a local file, or forward these messages to the central syslog-ng server.

You cannot use the following destinations in relay mode: elasticsearch(), elasticsearch2(), hdfs(), kafka(), mongodb(), pipe(), smtp(), sql(). The file() and logstore() destinations work only for local messages that are generated on the relay.

No license file is required to run syslog-ng in relay mode.

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