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syslog-ng Store Box 5.0.4 - Installation Guide

About this document

This guide is a work-in-progress document with new versions appearing periodically.

The latest version of this document can be downloaded from the syslog-ng Store Box Documentation page.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated, especially on what else this document should cover. General comments, errors found in the text, and any suggestions about how to improve the documentation is welcome at


The aim of this guide is to provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to set up and install syslog-ng Store Box on unpacking it and any subsequent occasions that might require the re-installation of the product.

Note that the contents of this document were previously included in the syslog-ng Store Box Administrator Guide. This standalone guide was created to:

  • Improve how information is organized in the syslog-ng Store Box documentation set.

  • Make it easier for users to find information relevant to their roles, context, and how they use the product.

Package contents inventory

Carefully unpack all server components from the packing cartons. The following items should be packaged with the syslog-ng Store Box:

  • A syslog-ng Store Box appliance, pre-installed with the latest syslog-ng Store Box firmware.

  • syslog-ng Store Box accessory kit, including the following:

    • syslog-ng Store Box 5 LTS Packaging Checklist (this document).

    • GPL v2.0 license.

  • Rack mount hardware.

  • Power cable.

The default BIOS and IPMI passwords are in the documentation.

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