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syslog-ng Store Box 6.0 - Release Notes

syslog-ng Store Box 6.0

syslog-ng Store Box 6.0

Release Notes

November 2019

These release notes provide information about the syslog-ng Store Box release.


Upgrade to the new release

For a full description on stable and feature releases, open the SSB product page on the Support Portal and navigate to Product Life Cycle & Policies > Product Support Policies > Software Product Support Lifecycle Policy.

Prerequisites and notes

This is a Long Term Supported release, which means that it will be supported at least for 3 years. Note that you need a new license file to upgrade an existing deployment to version 6.0. For details, see "Updating the SSB license" in the Upgrade Guide.

SNMP destinations and SQL sources have been removed in the SSB 5.2.0 release

Do not upgrade to SSB 5.2.0 if you are currently using and want to continue to use:

  • SNMP destinations
  • SQL sources

These functionalities have been removed from SSB starting with version 5.2.0. Upgrading from 5 LTS and its minor versions would mean that you would have to upgrade to 5.2.0 - to continue to receive support for the product.

Staying on 5 LTS and its minor versions means that you will not have access to the HDFS destination functionality available in SSB starting with version 5.1.0, however, you will continue to get support for 3 years after the original publication date of 5 LTS (December 2017) and for 1 year after the next LTS release is published (whichever date is later).

If you wish to carry on using SNMP destinations or SQL sources, contact

Pyramid hardware is not supported

SSB 5 LTS is not supported on the following hardware: SSB N1000, SSB N1000d, SSB N5000, SSB N10000.

In case you have SSB deployed on other, newer hardware or you have SSB 4 LTS, those will not be affected in any way. The version policy applies to those. For details, open the SSB product page on the Support Portal and navigate to Product Life Cycle & Policies > Product Support Policies > Software Product Support Lifecycle Policy.

If you wish to take advantage of new features and remain supported beyond the end date of the Extended Support phase, you need to upgrade your hardware. For assistance with your hardware upgrade, contact our Sales Team. For further inquiries, contact our Support Team.

If you do not know the type of your hardware or when it was purchased, complete the following steps:

  1. Login to SSB.

  2. Navigate to Basic Settings > Troubleshooting > System debug, click Collect and save current system state info, and save the file.

  3. Open a ticket at

  4. Attach the file you downloaded from SSB in Step 1.

  5. We will check the type of your hardware and notify you.

About this release

Welcome to syslog-ng Store Box. This document describes what is new in the latest version of syslog-ng Store Box (SSB).


New features

New features in SSB 6.0.0:

Support for new hardware appliances

Version 6.0.0 supports the new syslog-ng Store Box Appliance 3000 and 3500 appliances. For the technical details of these appliances, see "Hardware specifications" in the Installation Guide.


If you are using a high-availability SSB cluster, then each node provides information about its own status using a specific community. This community is the Node ID of the node (as displayed in the Basic Settings > High Availability > This node > Node ID field), for example, 00:56:56:6f:00:8F.

The Address and Port pair must be unique for each remote destination.

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