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syslog-ng Store Box 6.1.0 - Release Notes

syslog-ng Store Box 6.1

syslog-ng Store Box 6.1

Release Notes

August 2019

These release notes provide information about the syslog-ng Store Box release.


Upgrade to the new release

This is a Feature Release, which means that it will be supported for 6 months after the original publication date and for 2 months after a succeeding Feature or LTS Release is published (whichever date is later). Note that only the last of the feature releases is supported - for example, when a new feature release comes out, the last one becomes unsupported.

For a full description on stable and feature releases, open the SSB product page on the Support Portal and navigate to Product Life Cycle & Policies > Product Support Policies > Software Product Support Lifecycle Policy.

Prerequisites and notes

About this release

Welcome to syslog-ng Store Box. This document describes what is new in the latest version of syslog-ng Store Box (SSB).


New features

New features in SSB 6.1.0:

SNMP monitoring improvements

Version 6.1.0 of syslog-ng Store Box allows you to monitor certain parameters of SSB and the underlying operating system using SNMP, for example:

  • CPU usage

  • Available disk

  • I/O usage

  • Memory usage

  • Firmware version

  • Status of the High Availability cluster

  • Number of core files

For details, see "Monitoring SSB" in the Administration Guide.


The NTLM SSP security method is now supported in CIFS connections.

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