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syslog-ng Store Box 6.3.0 - Administration Guide

Preface Introduction The concepts of SSB The Welcome Wizard and the first login Basic settings User management and access control Managing SSB Configuring message sources Storing messages on SSB Forwarding messages from SSB Log paths: routing and processing messages Configuring syslog-ng options Searching log messages Searching the internal messages of SSB Classifying messages with pattern databases The SSB RPC API Monitoring SSB Troubleshooting SSB Security checklist for configuring SSB


Welcome to the syslog-ng Store Box 6.3 Administrator Guide!

This document describes how to configure and manage the syslog-ng Store Box (SSB). Background information for the technology and concepts used by the product is also discussed.

About this document

This guide is a work-in-progress document with new versions appearing periodically.

The latest version of this document can be downloaded from the syslog-ng Store Box Documentation page.

Summary of changes

Version 6.2.0 - 6.3.0

Changes in product:

  • Changes to the Basic Settings menu: settings related to alerting and monitoring have been moved into two separate submenus (Basic Settings > Alerting and Basic Settings > Monitoring), and elements of the Basic Settings > Management page related to alerting and monitoring have been moved to the respective submenus.

  • High Availability cluster improvements to ensure timestamp accuracy between nodes even in case of a failover.
  • New console features for the remote node in a High Availability cluster.
  • OpenSSL version 1.1.1. used for establishing a connection with the web UI.
  • If the firmware of your SSB appliance is tainted, a warning is displayed on the Basic Settings > System > Version details page.

Changes in documentation:

The following sections and some of their subsections have been changed to reflect the changes listed above:

Version 6.1.0 - 6.2.0

Changes in product:

SNMP monitoring improvements to monitor additional parameters (for example, hardware and software RAID status and related information, SSL certificates, and additional data about the HA state of syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) clusters).

Changes in documentation:

For details, see Monitoring SSB.

Version 6.0.0 - 6.1.0

Changes in product:

  • The application allows you to monitor certain parameters of SSB and the underlying operating system using SNMP.
  • The NTLM SSP security method is now supported in CIFS connections.

Changes in documentation:


This chapter introduces the syslog-ng Store Box (SSB), discussing how and why it is useful, and what benefits it offers to an existing IT infrastructure.

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