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syslog-ng Store Box 6.3.0 - Administration Guide

Preface Introduction The concepts of SSB The Welcome Wizard and the first login Basic settings User management and access control Managing SSB Configuring message sources Storing messages on SSB Forwarding messages from SSB Log paths: routing and processing messages Configuring syslog-ng options Searching log messages Searching the internal messages of SSB Classifying messages with pattern databases The SSB RPC API Monitoring SSB Troubleshooting SSB Security checklist for configuring SSB

Firmware in SSB

The syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) firmware is separated into two parts: a boot and a core firmware.

  • The boot firmware boots up SSB, provides the high availability support, and starts the core firmware.

  • The core firmware handles everything else: provides the web interface, receives and processes log messages and so on.

When you upload a new .ISO file using the SSB web interface, it updates both firmware. For details, see Upgrading SSB.

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