The syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) license must be updated before the existing license expires or when you purchase a new license. Information of the current license of SSB is displayed on the Basic Settings > System > License page. The following information is displayed:

Figure 10: Basic Settings > System > License — Updating the license

  • Customer: The company permitted to use the license (for example Example Ltd.).

  • Serial: The unique serial number of the license.

  • Host limit: The number of peers SSB accepts log messages from.

  • Valid: The period in which the license is valid. The dates are displayed in YYYY/MM/DD format.

SSB gives an automatic alert one week before the license expires. An alert is sent also when the number of peers exceeds 90% of the limit set in the license.

The following describes how to update the license.


Before uploading a new license, you are recommended to backup the configuration of SSB. For details, see Exporting the configuration of SSB.

To update the license

  1. Navigate to Basic Settings > System > License.

  2. Click Choose File and select the new license file.

    NOTE: It is not required to manually decompress the license file. Compressed licenses (for example .zip archives) can also be uploaded.

  3. Click Upload, then .

  4. To activate the new license, navigate to Service control > Syslog traffic, indexing & search: and click Restart syslog-ng.