The syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) appliances are preinstalled with the latest available Long Term Support (LTS) release.

Feature Releases provide additional features which are not yet consolidated to an LTS release. To gain access to these features, you may install a supported Feature Release on the appliance, with the following condition:

Feature Releases are released and supported in a timeline of 6 (+2) months. You have to keep upgrading SSB to the latest Feature Release to ensure that your appliance is supported.

For both LTS and Feature Releases, One Identity regularly incorporates security patches and bugfixes, and issues updated Revisions of the released product. We strongly recommend always installing the latest Revision of the used software Release.


Downgrading from the latest feature release, even to an LTS release, voids support for SSB.

The following sections describe how to keep SSB up to date, and how to install a new license: