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syslog-ng Store Box 7.4.0 - Evaluation Guide

Evaluating syslog-ng Store Box in a virtual environment

To evaluate SSB as a virtual appliance, you can download and install the latest SSB ISO file into a virtual machine. The following virtual environments are supported for evaluation: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, and vSphere (VMware ESX). SSB may work in other virtual environments like VirtualBox or KVM as well, although these are officially not supported. You can obtain an evaluation license and the ISO file using your support portal account.

Before you start

NOTE: When setting up a virtual environment, carefully consider the configuration aspects such as CPU, memory availability, I/O subsystem, and network infrastructure to ensure the virtual layer has the necessary resources available. Please consult One Identity's Product Support Policies for more information on environment virtualization.

Before you start evaluating SSB, make sure you understand what SSB is and how it works. This information can greatly help you get SSB operational. Read the following:

Downloading the evaluation version of SSB
  1. Apply for a trial license at the syslog-ng website.

  2. Once you have the license key, download the ISO image from the Free Trial of syslog-ng Store Box page.

Setting up SSB and the virtual environment

Deploying SSB in a virtual machine

To install SSB in a virtual machine, complete one of the following procedures.

Setting up SSB with vSphere

  1. Download the vSphere application.

    Visit the vSphere webpage, and download the latest version of the application for your operating system.

  2. Install the vSphere application.

    Follow the instructions provided in the vSphere product documentation to install the application.

  3. Install SSB. Follow the instructions provided in syslog-ng Store Box VMware Installation Guide in the Installation Guide.

  4. Configure a simple scenario and evaluate SSB. For details, see Creating a simple scenario.

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